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Healthy, temperament tested, UKC, NKC and CLRC registered American Hairless Terriers.Puppies available occasionally. Family raised and socialized dewormed, all shots current.

American Hairless Terrier History in Canada

In 1999, Valley American Hairless Terrier imported the first two AHTs into Canada and our story begins here! Since 1999, Canada has grown from one, to many breeders throughout Canada, and a population of over 250 AHTs throughout the Country. We look forward to our future with the breed.

Timeline of Canada's History with the AHT

September 1999 - The first two AHTs were imported into Canada by Valley AHTs

November 1999 - AHTs were recognized and shown in Canada for the first time with two Rare Breed Clubs. Canadian Rarities and Southwestern Ontario Rare Breeds recognized the American Hairless Terrier in the Companion group, and the first two AHTs in Canada are shown in conformation.

February 2000 - A third AHT was imported into Canada by Valley AHTs

January 2001 - Canada's first litter of AHTs was born, all hairless

June 2001 - One of the first imported AHTs into Canada receives his Level 1 Search and Rescue certification

August 2001 - Heritage Hills imports their first AHT from a foundation kennel.

2001-2003 Valley and Heritage Hills work together to import more foundation AHTs and breed Canadian born AHTs

November 2001 - Monuwkawa AHTs obtains Canadian born F1 AHTs and imports AHTs from the US for their breeding program

April 2002 - The first hairless AHT/RT outcross litter is born in Canada at Monuwkawa AHTs

June 2002 - Karling Mountain imports AHTs and starts an outcross program with a Canadian born Rat Terrier

The number of AHTs in Canada is now over 50 individuals

March 2003 Mallory Farms imports their first AHT to breed with Canadian born F1 AHTs they had obtained from a fellow Canadian breeder

August 2003 Linden Farms joins our association and begins an AHT breeding program with F1 Canadian born AHTs and an imported Rat Terrier for outcross purposes

November 2003 - Lorne Hill imports AHTs into Canada and begins a breeding program

March 2004 - Hairless Terrier Kennel is founded and they obtain their first AHT, a Canadian born F1 female

April 2004 - TICA Kennel is founded and they obtain their first AHT, a Canadian born stud.

June 2004 - Deerland Falls joins our Canadian AHT breeding program with 2 imported Rat Terriers and begins an outcrossing program with Canadian born F1 AHTs

July 2004 - December 2004 - Valley, TICA, Heritage, Linden Farms, Karling Mountain all import more AHT bloodlines

January 2005 - TICA has one of the first F2 litters

March 2005 - Linden Farms has 4 hairless outcross puppies from an F2 hairless outcross and an imported Rat Terrier

2005 - 2006 Serenity, Asha's, Island Terriers and all join us and begin breeding programs in Canada

2005 - 2006 - Deerland, Lorne Hill, TICA, Hairless Terrier import more AHT bloodlines

May 2006 - The first coated AHT/RT outcross litter is born in Canada at Serenity

August 2006 - Heritage Hills and TICA both have F2 generation litters

Today, Canada has over a dozen breeders in all parts of the Country and a healthy outcross program, and we are soon approaching our first F3 generations.

All data provided by the Canadian Hairless Terrier Association.

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