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Healthy, temperament tested, UKC, NKC and CLRC registered American Hairless Terriers.Puppies available occasionally. Family raised and socialized dewormed, all shots current.

Valley American Hairless Terriers Puppies

Health Guarantee
Our dogs are healthy and sound. Puppies are given the full set of shots and vet checked prior to leaving our home. We provide a full pedigree and genetic background of our dogs. We prefer families to come and meet the parents of the puppies, and visit the puppies as they grow up. Our puppies stay here until 10 weeks old at a minimum. It is very important for puppies to spend that time with their mother and father, and learn the complex social interactions of dogs. We intensely socialise our puppies as they grow up with people, children, other dogs, strange objects, noises, and any and everything they might encounter as they grow. The puppy's family must take over this social work and continue the process as intensely as the puppy grows to adulthood. Classes are highly recommended both as a bonding tool and a social event for both the puppy and the family!

Puppy Adoption Questionnaire
Our goal at Valley AHTs is to selectively breed toward producing a healthy, sound, structurally-correct puppy with exceptionally loving and loyal temperament, that we feel is above and beyond the American Hairless Terrier Standard. We take pride in our continued success of producing puppies for the show ring; as well as those shown to be versatile in obedience and agility trials, in the field, and, most importantly, as loving family companions.Just like you and your family are, each puppy is a unique individual too, with their own personality and characteristics. Please complete our questionnaire to help us start to get to know each other and learn about what you're looking for in your AHT puppy. This will help us place the right puppy in your home. Feel free to elaborate on your your family's interests, activities and tell us as much as you can about the puppy you hope to adopt.American Hairless Terrier puppy playing with a ball

Valley's Lexi McGurk!

Looking forward to getting to know you! Just cut and paste this questionnaire into an email and send it to us at Valley AHTs.

Contact Information:





Postal Code

Phone Number

E-mail Address

Work Number:


Do you rent or own your home?

About your Family:

Names of everyone in the home

Relationships of everyone in the home (ie) parents, children etc.

Age(s) of Children

How did you learn about us?

Best time to contact you is:

May we contact you at work?

Do all members of the family want this dog? Yes No

If no, please explain:

What is your reason for wanting an American Hairless Terrier?

Please indicate all that apply:

Personal preferences Purpose (please check all that apply) (please check all that apply)

What size of AHT are you hoping for?

Gender of AHT you would like: Male Female

Do any family members have allergies to dogs? Yes No

If you have allergies, have you already allergy tested with AHTs?

What would you do if you developed an allergy to your AHT, or if you had a mild reaction that did not go away over time?

What would you feel would happen if you had a new baby, who was allergic to your AHT?

Will this be your first dog? Yes No

How long have you wanted a dog?

Are you financially prepared to have a dog in your family?

Other breeds of dogs you have owned:

List any other pets you may have:







Do they get along with other pets? Yes No

Is your yard fenced? Yes No

Type and height of fence:

Are you willing to install fencing prior to bringing your puppy home? Yes No

Are you willing to use a porch, carport or install a covered dog run attached to your house for a winter potty area? Yes No

Who will be dog's primary caregiver?

Is anyone home during the day? Yes No

At Night? Yes No

How much time per day will you be spending with the puppy?

Where will the dog be kept during the day?

at night?

Will your dog have the run of the house, be in blocked off portions of the house, use a crate, be tied outside or live in the yard? Please be specific in your description.

Are you familiar with the use of a dog crate to train and/or confine the dog in your absence? Yes No

Are you willing to crate train? Yes No

If not, why?

Will your dog be allowed on the furniture or bed? Yes No

How do you plan to exercise your puppy/dog?

Will the dog be walked daily? Yes No Exercised in a fenced yard? Yes No

Taken to off-leash parks? Yes No

Be allowed to run free? Yes No

Will you take the puppy to socialization/kindergarten classes? Yes No

If no, why not?

Do you plan to take an obedience course with your dog? Yes No

How many or to what level?

If no, why not?

Do you plan to show or breed? If yes, please elaborate.

Have you ever bred a dog? Yes No

If yes, please give details

Do you have any intentions on breeding this dog? Yes No

What would your reasons be for breeding?

Have you had a pet die because of age, illness, accident or euthanasia? Yes No

Please explain:

Have you sold, given away, or surrendered a pet to an animal shelter? Yes No

If so, please describe the circumstances:

Please provide name, full address and phone number of your most recent veterinarian.

May we contact your vet?

If you are not looking to show or breed, are you comfortable with spaying or neutering your pet? Yes No

If no, please explain:

What types of activities do you (or members of your family) most enjoy?

How will the puppy, and eventually the adult dog, be included in these activities?

Please add any information about you or your family relative to your interest in adopting an American Hairless Terrier.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire to help us in finding the right puppy for you. Please feel free to e-mail us if you wish more information or need questions answered. If you would like to come and visit us and our dogs we would be more that happy to set up an appointment for you.


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